May 2020 Member of the Month: Stuart Grant

The past two years have been magical for owner Stuart Grant. Campaigning in the name of The Elkstone Group, Grant has raced, solo and in partnership, horses who have earned over $20 million since 2002, including two champions.

A prominent attorney based in Greenville, Delaware, Grant hails from Flatbush, Brooklyn. Grant learned to handicap from his high school science teachers. “I, of course, took a liking to that and they taught me to handicap and all that,” he said. “And we’d figure out to run bets out to OTBs in the Bronx, which was about only twenty minutes away from where I went to school in Westchester.”

Working in the Catskills each summer, he hung around Monticello Raceway. “I loved going to the horses, but I never thought owning a racehorse was in the realm of possibility,” Grant confessed. “So I guess I didn’t have that dream because I didn’t consider at various times in my life that that was possible.”

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